Do you have the skills to turn up the heat when you need to?
Can you compete at a National Level?

Can you make dishes like Gordon Ramsey?
If so, keep reading…

Michigan’s Chef Challenge is holding a variety of live cooking competitions, each featuring a different food theme.

The MCC is looking for qualified chefs that can:

Make unique dishes

Shine Under Pressure

Make Spectacular Looking (& Tasting) Dishes

12-15 chefs will face off against each other, making the dish of their choice,
featuring the food theme of the night.

Chefs will have 90 exciting minutes to create their best dish.

E.A.T. Certified judges will sample each dish in the blind and
decide who will receive the Golden Ticket.

Each competition will be live streamed to audience members.

$100 entry fee for all competing chefs.
Chefs must provide samples for audience members
(click here for competition rules & number of samples needed)

How About For A Chance to Win $100,000

About the World Food Championships

Michigan’s Chef Challenge has teamed up with the World Food Championships (WFC) and the winner of each competition will receive a
Golden Ticket to compete at the WFC in Dallas, TX in November 2020.

The WFC is aptly known as the world’s largest food fight and we’re here to help contribute to it.

The WFC is a fierce and fun multi day, live culinary
competition featuring chefs from around the world
battling it out for their share of over $300,000 in cash and prizes.

2019 was the 8th Annual WFC

They had over 1,400 competitors from 42 states and 15 countries.

The event is so big they are holding it in Dallas Texas, where EVERYTHING is bigger.

Founder & CEO, Mike McCloud is always on hand making sure everything is run smoothly and the rest of the WFC team is full of energy with great organizational skills and kindness.

Each MCC event will be judged in the blind by trained, certified judges.

The only way to compete at the WFC is to receive a Golden Ticket.

Should you be good enough to win a Golden Ticket, like Jessica Gourieux of Simply Gourmand out of Dryden, Michigan, you are in for the competition of a lifetime.

Be ready to razzle and dazzle the judges with the most extravagant dish you can create.

Aside from the chance to win a Golden Ticket, it’s also a great way to get new customers into your restaurant. Hundreds of people will be sampling your product, make them say WOW and turn them into future customers.

Michigan’s Chef Challenge (MCC) is holding a
“Licensed to E.A.T.™: Detroit” Judges Certification Class
on Saturday, April 18th @ 11 am @ the King’s Court Castle
in Canterbury Village, Lake Orion, MI.

Becoming an E.A.T.™ Methodology certified judge will open up doors to judge not only the MCC,
but also the WFC in Dallas, TX?