Like Any Competition,
Rules Are Necessary

Please take the time to read all the rules and what is expected from each chef

  • All chefs will be competing and cooking at the same time. 
  • Chefs are given 90 minutes to make their dish from scratch & present it on the judges table.  
  • Any dish NOT on the judges table before 90 minutes expires will be disqualified.
  • Participating teams may have one executive chef and one sous chef. NO MORE.
  • Each chef will submit 1 full size dish that can be cut into 5 pieces for the judges to sample.
  • The competition will be live streamed to audience members throughout the castle.
  • There will be an MC communicating between the chefs and the audience members.
  • All participants may be photographed and/or taped throughout the event. By signing up for this event, you are giving the MCC the rights to use participants’ name, picture, video and any other marketing material deemed necessary to properly market any MCC event.
  • Each chef will be given a designated cooking area.
  • Any chef wanting to see their cooking area before the event may do so, please email us to set up a time.
  • Every effort has been made to make the competition a safe environment. However, chef waives all liability claims that may arise from participating in this event, including injury.
  • On the day of the event all chefs must sign a contract/waiver prior to competing.
  • Each competition will have no more than 15 chefs competing.
  • Each chef MUST make samples for audience members (see category you are competing in to see number of samples you need to provide)

  • There will be at 3-5 judges per event. 
  • Each chef will submit 1 full size dish for the judges to sample. Dish should be large enough to be cut into 5 pieces.  
  • All judges will be E.A.T. Methodology trained and certified.
  • Each dish will be judged using the E.A.T. Methodology scoring system.
  • All competitions will be judged on the same criteria and in a consistent manner. 
  • Judges give a score of 1-10 on each criterion, 1 is inedible, 10 is excellent. 
  • EXECUTION is judged on how the dish looks when it is  turned in.
    Did it turn out the same way it was described ahead of time? 
    If you say you are making bacon wrapped asparagus and turn in cut up asparagus with chopped up bacon,
    that will not get a good EXECUTION score. 
  • The judges will know ahead of time what you have said you will be making.
    They won’t know the exact ingredients, but they’ll know a brief description of it. 
  • APPEARANCE is just that, your score is based only on how it looks.
    Does it make the judges want to gobble it up or not want to try it? 
    Side dishes are allowed to accompany your main dish for appearances.
  • The overall look of the entire plate will be judged.
  • TASTE is judged on how the judges taste buds reacted when they tried it. 
    Did they like it, does the dish make them want more? Was there a good balance of flavor? 

  • Taste – 50%, Execution – 35%, Appearance – 15%.
  • All judging is done in the blind, no judges know whose food they are scoring.  

The chef with the highest score will be the winner of the Golden Ticket and automatic entry to the World Food Championships in Dallas, TX

  • Each chef will be given:
    a 4 x 6 prep station table
    1 oven
    2 gas burners
    Refrigeration (all items placed in the refrigerator must be clearly marked with your name and what it is)
    Access to sinks and water. 
  • We have the following available upon request (1st to ask, 1st to get).
    Flat top grills
    Deep fryers 
  • Each chef is responsible to bring all utensils and cooking equipment needed (other than what is listed under what MCC will provide).  
  • Chefs are responsible to bring ALL ingredients necessary for their dish.
  • Chefs MUST submit the name of their dish and brief description when signing up.
  • Chefs must submit a list of ingredients to the MCC at least 3 days prior to the event.  (for allergy purposes)
  • Clean up your work area before leaving the kitchen.
  • Don’t forget your gloves.
  • Chefs are asked to help promote this fabulous event. Facebook, Instagram, Websites, etc. 
  • Chef is responsible for signing up on line and for paying $100 entry fee.
  • Each chef MUST make samples for audience members (see SAMPLES in rules below)  
  • Chefs are required to make samples of their dish for audience members to enjoy while the competition is ongoing.  
  • Samples can be made ahead of time at your facility and you may heat them at the castle before the competition begins
    you can come to the castle a couple hours before the event starts and make them there. 
  • Each chef will be given a table in the castle to serve their samples from. Chefs may have representatives pass out samples and talk to guests or we will supply staff to hand out your samples for you. It is your decision. You may decorate your table with marketing material if desired.
  • ALL SAMPLES MUST BE GIVEN TO THE MCC STAFF NO LATER THAN 6:45 PM on the night of the competition.

  1. Each sample should be 2-3 ounces total (including sauces, toppings, etc). NO BIGGER.
  2. The sample sizes may seem small, but by the time each audience member tries 1 sample from 15 chefs, that is a whopping 40-45 ounces of just the main dishes.
  3. Audience members also get appetizers or side dishes PLUS dessert at each event.  
  4. Make the samples look and taste great.
  5. Allow the audience to get a few bites out of each sample, that is plenty.
  6. Samples MUST be cut into sample size portions and turned in to the MCC staff between 6 pm and 6:30 pm.   We will keep them warm until they are served. We will not cut them for you.
  7. You can turn in your samples in full sheet pans and we will keep them warm.  Again, they MUST be cut, by you, into sample size portions.    
  8. MCC staff will supply plates and pass out to guests.
  9. HOWEVER if you want a special appearance or to add anything to your dish before it is served, you will have to do that yourself.  
  10. MCC staff will serve all audience members, beginning at 7:00 pm.  After that, a different chef’s samples will be brought out every 10 minutes or so. 
  11. Audience members will be told which chef’s dish they are sampling. (Judges will not know).
  12. Audience members vote for their favorite dish and the winning chef will be crowned King or Queen of the Castle for the night.

Timeline of Events

4 pm – 5:30 PM
Chefs may begin arriving and check in

5:30 PM
All chefs MUST be on site and preparing for the competition

6:30 PM
Doors Open to Attendees

6:45 PM
All samples MUST be turned in to MCC staff, so they can begin plating for serving.

7:00 PM
Let the Competition Begin
1st Round of Samples is Served to Attendees

8:30 PM
Competition ends
Official Judging Begins

9:00 PM
People’s Choice is Winner Announced
King or Queen of the Castle is Crowned

9:15 PM
Golden Ticket Winner is Announced

9:30 PM
Event Concludes
Everyone Have a GREAT Night

The winner of the Golden Ticket is automatically qualified to compete at the WFC.
Winner must officially sign up with the WFC within 30 days of being awarded the Golden Ticket.

All expenses incurred to compete at the WFC are the responsibility of the competitor.


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(Receive FREE beef patties from Fairway Meat Packing)
(Cut full size burgers into 1/4 pieces, so your making 125 burgers)

See Official Chef Invite Here for more details